Ombre cake – matcha joconde sponge with strawberries & cream

Five days ago on the 7th of January 2015 something amazing happened. I should probably provide a bit of a back story to give some context. There is a baking club on Twitter called the Sunday Baking Club (SBC) (@SundayBakeClub), and as the name suggests members bake on a Sunday or at some point during the weekend and post it to the account for other members to appreciate. The fun part is that the lovely ladies who run the SBC come up with a theme for the week, so it’s great to see all the different interpretations of that one theme. The ladies then create a ‘Best Bits’ for the week, which is a shortlist of (usually) 10 bakes and all the other members can then vote for the bake(s) that they liked the most. The person or persons with the most number of votes is then bestowed the honour of the Golden Spoon award. And that brings us to the brilliant thing that happened, which is by some miracle I had managed to win this award for the second time since joining the SBC back in the summer of 2014. I honestly did not think for a second that I would win it as there were so many great bakes that instead of 10, there was a shortlist of 18 bakes. And indeed I was not the sole winner that week. I was privileged to be able to share the honours with the 7-year old son of one of the members, who inspired a new award for young bakers called the’Golden Spatula’. As of 2015, the winners also have their recipes posted onto the SBC blog and here is the link to the recipe for this cake: Ombre matcha cake

Layers of matcha joconde sponge, strawberries and cream

Layers of matcha joconde sponge, strawberries and cream

Ombre effect with buttercream

Ombre effect with buttercream

Final fondant decorations for the top

Final fondant decorations for the top

But the main reason for this post is not to brag about my win (although it was a very proud moment) but to tell you about the real joy that I get from the club, which is not from being on the shortlist or even winning but from the interaction between the members of SBC. The beauty of this club is that anyone can be a member and it’s all free. The girls run it out of the kindness of their hearts and a love for baking. How they manage to run the SBC and have day jobs and a normal life no one knows. Perhaps they have secret super powers. What I really love about SBC is the fact that everyone that I’ve met and chatted to so far has been genuinely lovely. The SBCers are a very supportive and kind bunch of people. There is quite a range of skill and experience levels among the members, with some really outstanding bakers and decorators and some beginners who have only recently started baking. Advice is given freely and people are happy to share their baking knowledge. My hope is that the Sunday Baking Club continues to be a place where members feel safe to present their own works of baking art without the fear of being judged or ridiculed, and where everyone is encouraged to be the best that they can be (at least in terms of baking).



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